Sunday Rituals

Since I’m not the churchgoing type, my Sunday rituals revolve around preparing to have the most productive (least painful) possible week ahead. I usually start getting the panic stomach around mid-afternoon, knowing that the reverie of choosing what I want to accomplish and doing it on my own time is coming to a screeching halt with the next day’s 6am iPhone alarm. My rituals help to alleviate the stress nausea and save me from time sucking decision-making and/or inconvenient forgetfulness at crucial moments.

Step into a pew for Sunday services:


Freaking out over what to wear in the morning can blow upwards of 15 minutes. I’d rather spend that extra time in bed, lazily snarking on another intellectually devoid episode of Morning Joe. So, every Sunday – after hitting my Pinterest board for inspiration – I pull a bunch of my favorite items and pull them together with accessories and shoes. This is best done to a good playlist with mimosas (my own personal musical montage). After consulting the calendar to determine when I have client meetings and when I have happy hours, outfits are then organized by day (I have handy dividers in the closet labeled w/ each day of the week).

photo 1


So I’m not scrambling in a huff for naptime blankets, spare clothes or textbooks, I pack the kids on Sunday afternoon and hang their bags by the door.  I also pull out their clothes for the day, and leave them out so the boys (one of them, anyway) can dress themselves. O wears a uniform, so I actually have to pay attention to what I select for him. H spends the day in mud and bodypaint, so it’s all good.


I prep Monday’s to-do list and top three, respond to any outstanding emails, and review the week’s calendar on Sunday evening. This way I can launch into work right away without having to determine which items are top priority. This saves me much Monday morning grief.

photo 2


After all the chores are done and the kids are in bed, it’s time for a glass of wine, something sweet, and either really awesome (GOT) and/or delightfully shitty (True Blood) TV followed by John Oliver as the cherry on top my Sunday. All this prep may seem like overkill to some, but anything I can do to lessen my Monday anxiety is worth it.

Now go out there + have a great week.


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