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OCD Mission Control


The brains of the Casa Lopez operation are housed in our utility room… The magnetic chalkboard contains:
-the wipe-off chore list clipboard
-shopping lists
-a plastic envelope of current/relevant coupons
-a plastic envelope of items needed that week (a blank thank you note that has to go out, party invitations, etc.
-that week’s school activities for the boys

I love it. The board’s mere presence makes me feel content and in control. If only the wall was big enough to add our calendar so that area could truly serve as the aggregator of all pertinent family data…
Dream big, Lopez, dream big….


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I Love My: West Elm Lacquer Tray

Magazines can be a source of pleasurable reading or painful hoarders-like clutter. I think the way to avoid becoming overwhelmed by your magazines is to process them like you would your bills or receipts. My magazine “in box” is a lovely orange lacquer tray from West Elm. It houses about 8-10 magazines that I am currently reading.


Once I have completed reading a magazine, one of three things happens:

–       I go through the book and pull out stuff I want like recipes, information, looks, etc to be filed in my tickler system

–       I keep the magazines that I collect like Foregin Affairs, Make, TX Monthly, etc in their duly assigned magazine butlers

–       I toss everything else, immediately, into recycling

Having a small magazine in box keeps me from taking in too much crap. Once the pile gets higher than the lip of the box, it’s time to purge.

I Love My: Moleskine Passions Journals

I’ve been using Moleskines for my daily to-do lists for over a decade now. I’ve been through a few different types to get to my one and only – the large, soft cover day-a-page yearly planner. Sigh. I love it so much…

So, when Moleskine came out with their “Passions” line of subject-specific books a couple of years ago, I was sold. Yep, I’m a total brand loyalist – they can do no wrong with me… I have the Books journal and the Wine journal. I have to admit that the Books journal has kind of fallen by the wayside now that I’m into, but the Wine journal is still kicking.

ImageMaybe it’s because I drink a lot. Maybe it’s because I frequently don’t remember what I’ve been drinking, or anything that happens after I’ve been drinking… But jotting down notes on a new wine is supremely satisfying. It captures the moment – a dinner with great friends – and allows me to keep a reference of bottles I’ve really really enjoyed, and crap bottles like that Feu rooster piece of shit we picked up in Brooklyn two summers ago. Ugh. Like vinegar. Plus it helps me appreciate what I’m downing and really think about the different scents, flavors and varietals. I’m no expert by any means, but I know what I like…

Now Moleskine has expanded their Passions collection to include beer, chocolate, and baby journals. Although being passionate about babies is a little weird. I’m digging their style journal and would totally pick one up – if I hadn’t already started my own back in 1999 that I’m still contributing to (but that’s a post for another day).

I Love My: Mead Five-Star Spiral Notebooks


The week before school started was always the best part of the year. Nothing like a brand-spanking new spiral notebook, ready to be filled with all my class notes, doodles and random thoughts….positively brimming with possibility. I got to relive that feeling when I went back to grad school – buying my spirals every semester and lining the pages with notes in my orderly, ultra fine point black Sharpie script.

Mead Five-Star are definitely the best, the plastic front cover takes a beating, I dig the interior pockets for reference materials and it must be college-ruled, natch.

Now that I’m way past my school days, I buy and maintain new spirals for blog entries, personal projects, work reference, etc. It’s still just as satisfying to impart some new-found knowledge to the pages.

I Love My: Greeting Card Organizer

Like you suckers, I am mind-melded to my iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air and all the other electronic tethers that keep me in touch with the universe. However, not to get all depression-era schoolmarm on you, there’s nothing that replaces the awesomeness of receiving a thoughtful card in the old timey mailbox on your special day. The problem is, in our electronic bubble, it’s sometimes hard to remember these occasions (seriously there should be no excuse for this with the eleventy billion calendar and occasion apps that are available) and be to prepared with the perfect greeting card.

Here is a $10 investment that is totally worth it!


My heavy-duty plastic card organizer purchased from came with 6 removable dividers (now carefully labeled -with the exception of “birthd&y..” with my Brother labeler) and a hinged snap lid. It’s acid-free so it won’t f*ck up any handmade or specialty ($$$) cards and is sturdy enough to survive any closet avalanches. I’m sure there’s something sexier or more Etsy-crafty available if you aren’t interested in a huge hunk of plastic, but since mine lives in a storage closet, aesthetics were not a major concern.

Together with my perpetual Google occasion calendar – the one that texts me one week before birthdays and anniversaries pop up – I am prepared to remember everyone’s special day by sending a kickass card in a timely fashion.

Now I just need to get my butt down to the local Hallmark, because I’m running low on humorous birthday greetings to file in my awesome card organizer.

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