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Pre-K: WTF?

Just when I finally get some semblance of a routine going with both an entirely new way of working and having to work at home – a wrench is thrown into the works. Homework. For Pre-K.


I was hoping to avoid this for another year, but yes I realize the value. Today, O inked excellent likenesses of several toys (I’ve gotten really good at Disney princess dresses) and a banana for a “yellow hunt” assignment – I was actually impressed by his artistic abilities (or maybe my warm feelings were stoked by the large glass of wine).

So – now I have to remake our evening routine dry-erase checklist (which, to my delight, O loves to fill out…). Squeezing in homework between dinner and bath time. Time to fire up InDesign again and put my production artist skillz to mummy crap. Joy.

Going downstairs to check off “second large glass of wine” from my evening checklist. Cheers, Belles!


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