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Tech Tuesdays: I’m Back + Obsessed

After a long 4 month hiatus from the working life, I found myself back in the saddle doing contract production management starting last month. Adding this element back into my life required some shuffling of time and priorities and consequently, I had to put OCDelight on the back burner for a while. Now we that have a routine down, I can hop back into the blog – and I have a lot to share, because I haven’t stopped reading since ending my self-imposed “maternity leave.” In fact, taking the bus means I now get an uninterrupted 90 minutes of reading time every single day. It’s tits!

Pinterest is a virtual, visual pinboard app helps you collect ideas. A curating tool, if you like. And jeebus knows I am all about curating my life in 2012.

I’m totally obsessed with it.

Pinterest also has a social networking function and is currently invite-only. However, it wasn’t exactly hard to wrangle an invite – just submitted a simple request form, and was “in” about a week later. Download your “pin it” bookmarklet and the iPhone app, and pin on the go. You can share your boards with your followers, follow others (both friend and stranger alike), and comment. I’m not into the social aspect as much as I find it so extraordinarily convenient to catalog all of my finds on the web in one place. I think if you were working on a brainstorming or creative project, Pinterest would also be super useful.

I currently have idea boards to collect ideas for home décor, stuff to do in Austin and for this blog. I anticipate adding a recipies/party board and maybe a fashion/beauty board – dunno…Let’s see where this thing takes me. It’s not like I don’t have enough demands on my time already, after all.

You can find me at pinterest.com/mrschrislopez. Feel free to hit me up for an invite.

Happy pinning!Image

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