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Friday Bites: #4 Establish a Morning Routine and #5 Menu Planning + Groceries

Mornings are uniquely stressful affairs in Casa Lopez, but evenings can be a bitch as well – especially work nights. Getting back to work and having both kiddos now in daycare together has allowed us to somewhat streamline our morning process (see my January 20 post: “Establish Your Morning Routine”). Of course, it’s somewhat dependent on when H wakes up since he is just 3 months. However, we’re getting there. The morning task list is set and we get it all done, with a few hiccups. So, on to the evening routine!

On deck for dusk:

1. Straighten house , wash all dishes

2. Put out clothes for following day (outfits for week have already been chosen on Sunday – I put them out and accessories the night before, changing to a better matching purse if needed)

3. prep breakfast, program coffee, make night/early morning bottles for H, cook O’s lunch and store

4. DVR clear and set up, alarms, charge electronics

5. nighttime pre-bed primping (we olds need to put on that retin-A nightly to avoid looking busted)0

Another seemingly routine task that can get out of hand in a hurry is grocery shopping. If I go to the store hungry and/or with the kiddos, all bets are off… I end up with a cart full of nonsense and way too much cheap wine. It’s time to rein that in and stick with a pre-determined list.

Here is a link to the grocery list template that will be instituted in our house starting with this week’s HEB run: http://www.vertex42.com/Files/pdfs/1/grocery-list.pdf

It’s handily divided into similar categories that I’ll find at the store, so I’m not running back and forth between aisles across the store like a jackass. I’ll let you know how it goes over the next couple of weeks. Give it a try!


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