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I had Evernote on my old work computer back in NYC and never felt like I was taking full advantage of its robust offerings. Sure, I halfheartedly clipped a couple of web pages to it, but never really took the time to play around.

Evernote is a “personal digital assistant,” allowing you to record thoughts and notes, clip web pages, take pics and store PDFs. Your notes are available everywhere you’re your desktop computer, the internets, your iTems… Everything you do on each of your devices is aggregated in your personal Evernote account for access anywhere.

Evernote supports tagging and advanced search and replaces bookmarking apps like Delicious.

When your’re on a website or in a pertinent document, select the text/image, hit command+c to copy, click the Evernote bookmarklet and choose “clip to Evernote.” Easy-peasy.

Evernote uses OCR to recognizes words and catalogs them – index, searchable by text.

Premium users can put it Word docs and spreadsheets.

CNET, Lifehacker, … they all RAVE about Evernote, calling it “life-changing.” Well with all that sexy hype, I must try it.

One con that was frequently mentioned was that Evernote doesn’t play well with Outlook (like anything does?!?!) but other than that, it’s all positive.

I’m not going to install on my current work computer – because it might not be my work computer forever… I’ll play with it at home on the desktop and my iTems and will report back.

Mac demo:


Evernote overview:


Evernote Essentials: The Definitive Getting Started Guide (paid eBook):


Tech Tuesday – Evernote

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Tech Tuesdays: PageOnce Road Test

ImageI’ve been playing with Pageonce on and off for a couple of years, especially so this past month. I’m feeling the same way about Pageonce that I do about Mint…that I’m better off with my Excel budget/bill payment spreadsheet than dealing with any of these app solutions. My apathy is even more intense with Pageonce, which seems to be perpetually two days behind in updating my information. Case in point: paycheck deposited Saturday, so yesterday I get a notification from Pageonce that I had a large deposit into my primary checking account. Gee, thanks.

Pageonce claims that you can automatically track your money and pay your bills from one app. Unfortunately, again, it doesn’t appear to have the permissions to link to several of my accounts. I also don’t seem to have the ability to make payments directly from the app (not even sure I’d want to – since I’m concerned about security).  Originally, Pageonce was supposed to function as your iPersonal Assistant (note to tech types: please stop putting “i” in front of every f@cking thing, for the love of jeebus…) It was supposed to aggregate all of your online accounts like Netflix, Gmail, cell phone, banking, etc in one location for your easy reference. Not sure if that has gone by the wayside, but it seems to be primarily intended for personal finance management at this point.

As far as user ratings and popularity of personal finance apps go, Pageonce is a distant second to the giant Mint.com (see last week’s review…)

Another shortcoming of these personal finance apps is that not all banks will reimburse you for unauthorized charges to your account – check your Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding. Some apps play better with some banks than others, unfortunately. Your mileage may vary….

Here’s Lifehacker’s ranking of personal finance apps:


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Tech Tuesday: Goodreads

If you are a total bibliophile (read: dorkass) like I am, you’ll dig on Goodreads, a social networking site for book lovers that allows you to peruse what your friends are reading and post your list and reviews. Every member has a “bookshelf” with a list of books that they are currently reading, have completed reading, or are anticipating reading. The site has been around since 2007, but I’ve only recently been turned on to it via Facebook friends – probably because my nose is always buried in a book (or my Kindle).

Goodreads was the winner of Lifehacker’s “Hive Five Best Book Recommendation Service.” Once only web-based, you can now download the Goodreads app for your iPhone or Android device to keep track of your reading list (handy when you’re at the book store), search book reviews, and receive personalized recommendations based on what you’ve previously read and reviewed. Goodreads also “hosts” book clubs, which I’m particularly interested in as I don’t have the time – thanks to the kiddos – to go to a real-life book club, plus I’m painfully shy (I know, right…?)

I just started using the site and have yet to brain dump my huge list of books I’ve read, am reading, or intend to read, and start writing reviews. I need to take it a little bit at a time, I think, starting w/ my Kindle library and working from there.

Come take a gander at Goodreads – let me know what you think.


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Tech Tuesdays: I’m Back + Obsessed

After a long 4 month hiatus from the working life, I found myself back in the saddle doing contract production management starting last month. Adding this element back into my life required some shuffling of time and priorities and consequently, I had to put OCDelight on the back burner for a while. Now we that have a routine down, I can hop back into the blog – and I have a lot to share, because I haven’t stopped reading since ending my self-imposed “maternity leave.” In fact, taking the bus means I now get an uninterrupted 90 minutes of reading time every single day. It’s tits!

Pinterest is a virtual, visual pinboard app helps you collect ideas. A curating tool, if you like. And jeebus knows I am all about curating my life in 2012.

I’m totally obsessed with it.

Pinterest also has a social networking function and is currently invite-only. However, it wasn’t exactly hard to wrangle an invite – just submitted a simple request form, and was “in” about a week later. Download your “pin it” bookmarklet and the iPhone app, and pin on the go. You can share your boards with your followers, follow others (both friend and stranger alike), and comment. I’m not into the social aspect as much as I find it so extraordinarily convenient to catalog all of my finds on the web in one place. I think if you were working on a brainstorming or creative project, Pinterest would also be super useful.

I currently have idea boards to collect ideas for home décor, stuff to do in Austin and for this blog. I anticipate adding a recipies/party board and maybe a fashion/beauty board – dunno…Let’s see where this thing takes me. It’s not like I don’t have enough demands on my time already, after all.

You can find me at pinterest.com/mrschrislopez. Feel free to hit me up for an invite.

Happy pinning!Image

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