Start Every Day as a Producer


Looping back to this past Tuesday’s “20 minute thinking session” entry, I read this Lifehacker post about taking your thinking time in the morning. Instead of rolling over in bed and checking your iTems, spend your earliest waking moments thinking of the things you want to DO/ produce that day – both short and long term. If you begin the day checking your emails, reviewing Facebook, and reading the news, you are starting your day off as a “grazer of mindless consumption.” Let your earliest thoughts organize and clarify your day, so that the information you DO consume throughout your day is relevant to what it is that you’re producing.

This production of information is important to a healthy “information diet.” Your information consumption will have purpose and meaning. Wake up, sit down, focus, and write 500 words about something.

Waking up as a producer frames the rest of your habits. You’re not mindlessly grazing on everyone’s facebook’s statuses. You’re out getting what it is you need to get in order to produce. Waking up as a producer is procrastination insurance.

But there’s something else that being a producer does: it gives you more clarity about what it is that you think.”

Producer mindset:

The Information Diet:

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