Tech Tuesdays: Manilla

Hate this site. The site does not interface with about ½ of our credit providers – including several store cards as well as our utilities and loans. It’s basically just a calendar function – telling me how much I owe, when and if I’m overdue. You can’t pay from Manilla – it just takes you to the credit card website, where you have to log in (again) despite providing those credentials to Manilla initially upon registration. So, if F is gone and I need to pay bills, I still need all of his login information – it’s of no help at all. I already know when all of my bills are due, I’m a grownup – what I wanted was a place to aggregate the deadline and balance information with the ability to pay directly or at least not have to log in to each individual credit card site again and again.

I had to go through the whole process to find this out – which was a huge pain in my huge ass…wasted sixty of my precious post-bedtime minutes on this crap. Ugh.

Do. Not. Want.


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