Friday Bites – #10 Plan an Annual (Stay)cation

I truly hate this term with a passion, but I’m afraid it’s here to stay. I can’t remember the last time F and I went away for an entire week – with or without kids. Oh yeah, I can, we came to Texas from NYC….again… I think it’s good to try to vacation far from home every year – maybe every other year if money is an issue. Preferably not just to visit extended family.

This week’s Bite suggests the “staycation” as an alternative if you need a “break from the daily grind of living to bond with your family.” Unfortunately, staying home for a week isn’t exactly leaving your daily life behind – dishes still pile up in the sink, bills still come in the mail, and O still wants to sit and watch back to back Disney movies every day. It’s hard to get into a “vacation” mindset while staying at home.

52 Bites has the following list to combat this problem…

Tips for planning a staycation.

(1)  make a plan – list of things to do and general schedule of when to do them

(2)  make sure list has at least one thing that everyone would enjoy doing.

(3)  Parents take turns sleeping in

(4)  Have plenty of snacks and easy meals on hand

(5)  Keep up with basic housework like dishes and laundry

(6)  Stay flexible

(7)  Schedule in some “recovery days”

(8)  Be brave – do something new in your hometown, stay up past your bedtime

This year, F and I are taking a kid-free weekend in San Antonio, holed up at a luxury hotel for a fantastic wedding (the “adult prom.”). Also hoping to take a kid-free drive to Colorado for a few days followed by a kid-free group RV trip to New Orleans in the fall.

I’m noticing a trend in our “staycation” plans… They don’t involve staying and they don’t involve the kids. Maybe we’re doing this wrong.


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