Tech Tuesdays: PageOnce Road Test

ImageI’ve been playing with Pageonce on and off for a couple of years, especially so this past month. I’m feeling the same way about Pageonce that I do about Mint…that I’m better off with my Excel budget/bill payment spreadsheet than dealing with any of these app solutions. My apathy is even more intense with Pageonce, which seems to be perpetually two days behind in updating my information. Case in point: paycheck deposited Saturday, so yesterday I get a notification from Pageonce that I had a large deposit into my primary checking account. Gee, thanks.

Pageonce claims that you can automatically track your money and pay your bills from one app. Unfortunately, again, it doesn’t appear to have the permissions to link to several of my accounts. I also don’t seem to have the ability to make payments directly from the app (not even sure I’d want to – since I’m concerned about security).  Originally, Pageonce was supposed to function as your iPersonal Assistant (note to tech types: please stop putting “i” in front of every f@cking thing, for the love of jeebus…) It was supposed to aggregate all of your online accounts like Netflix, Gmail, cell phone, banking, etc in one location for your easy reference. Not sure if that has gone by the wayside, but it seems to be primarily intended for personal finance management at this point.

As far as user ratings and popularity of personal finance apps go, Pageonce is a distant second to the giant (see last week’s review…)

Another shortcoming of these personal finance apps is that not all banks will reimburse you for unauthorized charges to your account – check your Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding. Some apps play better with some banks than others, unfortunately. Your mileage may vary….

Here’s Lifehacker’s ranking of personal finance apps:

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