Productivity: The “TO DON’T” List

focused on the most important tasks?


Take a day or two, and jot down the bad habits that keep you from being productive on a daily basis as they arise – like opening your inbox every time a new message comes in, spending too much time on blogs, working on unimportant tasks, etc. I’m super guilty of opening my email as soon as something pops up and then getting distracted there, or going down the rabbit hole of the blogosphere.

Post your list where you can see it every day – preferably somewhere near your to-do list. It’s just a little visual reminder to keep your eyes on the prize.

Here is the original Lifehacker entry on the topic:

As well as the source material from Marc + Angel’s Hack List:

There’s even a whole blog dedicated to the subject (although it’s on the humorous side):

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