Book Review – Get Organized: Your 12-Month Clutter Killer Guide by Collette Leigh

This image makes me want to hit myself with a hammer until I pass out.


If your place is truly a disaster, like above, you want to spend a long and structured amount of time to get your sh!t together, and you don’t know where to start, this book might be for you. Get Organized breaks out each month according to an area in your home and provides projects to be completed by month’s end (usually over a weekend, natch).

• Month 1: Master Bedroom

• Month 2: Master Bathroom

• Month 3: Kitchen

• Month 4: Reassess existing organizing systems + revise as needed

• Month 5: Guest Room/Home Office

• Month 6: Children’s Bedrooms

• Month 7: Additional Bathrooms

• Month 8: Reassess existing organizing systems + revise as needed

• Month 9: Garage/Laundry Room

• Month 10: Family Room

• Month 11: Dining Room, Entry, Hall Closet

• Month 12: Patio/Backyard

Our place is already in fairly decent shape with only a few exceptions. I’d like to whip the coat closet, office closet and kids’ toys/closets into shape. Also need to wrangle my shoe situation so that I’m not digging through bins to choose that day’s footwear. However, I tend to tackle that stuff in a single day/weekend rather than stretch it out over the course of several weeks or months and analyze it to death.

Ms. Leigh also offers some additional, room-neutral suggestions in the form of the following “Crazy Clutter Killers:”

• Create a catch all for everything that’s out of place – throw random, out-of-place stuff in there throughout the day/cleaning project – then put away at the end of the day

• Toss 10 Game: look around and throw out 10 things per room every day until there’s nothing left to unload

• Hide it: buy furniture that doubles as storage (not really killing clutter, just moving it…)

• Shopping elimination diet – like the “buy nothing day” or “buy nothing week”

• Create one new home organization habit per week – such as: toss all receipts when they come in, corral your loose change, put the mail in an in-box – and stick with it

Personally, I do a sweep of the house every night after the kids are down and before I settle in and relax. I/we go through every room, put random crap where it belongs, wash dishes, straighten towels, put up laundry and stray clothes/shoes and basically make everything neat and tidy.  I don’t sleep well until this is done.

For further reading, here is some info about “Buy Nothing Week”

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