Tech Tuesdays (a day late): Test Drive

In the never-ending quest to get all of our disparate financial information into one place, controlled from one dashboard, I’m revisiting I started entering information into Mint waaaay back in 2009 (life was so much less complicated then…) and then pretty much abandoned it because I never had the time or energy to sit down with all of my paperwork and enter everything in.

ImageNow I’m sitting here trying to get into again, and the site seems to be having connectivity problems with every one of my accounts, which is nice and frustrating. I really want to like…Even tabbing between the login name and passwords as I enter my accounts does not seem to work. This is why I can’t seem to get it together on this stuff: half of the store cards we have are not supported by, and although I put in a service request, I don’t know how long it will take them to respond. Furthermore, two of my credit cards do not support Mint at all, so I can’t add those accounts. So, Mint’s major selling point is that I can see “all of my accounts,” but that’s not actually true.

The other major problem I’m having with is that it’s counting our American Express and other credit card transactions right along our bank account transactions… they are totally integrated with each other in the “transactions” tab. So, it looks like our credit cards are income, which it’s clearly not, since we have to pay it back every month. It’s not a true picture of income/spending against budget categories, in other words.

The assignments of each transaction to a budget category are frequentlt incorrect and require manual intervention. Also, the dates are a disaster – I have stuff from March 2011 showing up right next to my grocery bill from yesterday, etc. I’ll keep playing with it, but I’m not holding out much hope. Maybe it’s because I started this 3 years ago and then went back in to update? I dunno… I’m going back now and reading some online reviews of to see if I’m just crazy,

I really don’t want to keep relying on our ancient Excel spreadsheet to do our budgeting and payments every month, but I feel like I have no choice. I have yet to come across a system/program/app that fulfills all of our family financial management needs.

In the coming month, I’ll also be trying Pageonce, Manilla and possibly Quicken. If you guys have any other suggestions, they’d be much appreciated.

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