His + Hers Chores Checklist

The Mr and I are thankfully really good about keeping the house clean and orderly. I think it’s a deal breaker with two young kids…without constant maintenance, we’d essentially be living in our own filth. We’ve never had any kind of formal discussion or agreement about who does exactly what around the house, we just kind of do things piecemeal. So, when I came across this handy checklist from The Nest, I printed a copy and will be bringing it up in our Sunday meeting.

I think a lot of couples argue about chores not because one party or the other is lazy, but because one person is expecting the other person to do something even though that has never been explicitly stated, and this person has no clue they are supposed to be doing this thing. It’s just a lack of communication, not necessarily a lack of motivation.

Here’s the link to the list – so helpful!


And a pic:


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