Friday Bites #7 – Downsize Your Book + Magazine Collection

Ok – wrong wrong wrong….

I’m putting this week’s bite on the blog out of obligation, and keeping things sequential. However, I totally disagree with the principle…the books part anyway. I know you should go through your magazines and books and toss the crap you don’t like/need. But my argument is – why did you BUY it in the first place if you don’t love it – and intend to read it and keep it and cuddle it and call it George…?

Every book in my house (and I have a lot) is there because I enjoyed reading it and either might revisit it or like to look at it as a reminder of when I had time to read constantly – or it’s a beautiful, expensive book full of gorgeous imagery that it would be a crime to toss. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it – that’s a great way to operate in general…

We have several bookcases – scattered around the house – based on the topic. Living room is our general stuff, F’s office has the design books and our bedroom has parenting books and my Taschen collection. Of course, there are eleventy billion kids’ books in Oliver’s bookcase as well. Every book in our house is loved and treasured. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a library, but just being around our books makes me feel centered and content. Someday, in our dream Casa Lopez, I’ll have a whole room with built-in bookshelves stuffed with books…

Magazines are a different story – I mean, everything we subscribe to is read and enjoyed, but that crap does tend to pile up. I keep the good stuff like now-defunct Cookie and Domino, CMYK and Print and my European fashion stuff in magazine butlers. The rest is read, pertinent articles are pulled out and put into my filing system (see last month’s post about that) and then tossed. The current stuff, that I haven’t torn up and filed, is kept in this awesome orange lacquer tray from West Elm. Holy crap I love orange….

Anyway, the takeaway here is: don’t buy it/subscribe to it if you don’t love it.

If you’re not sure, there’s the library…and Kindle. But as a librarian’s kid, I must say – support your local branch! And save the bookstore for the heirloom stuff that occupies your soul.


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