Making Sense of iCloud


OK, I’m no slouch, but lately I feel like a f*cking luddite when it comes to my iTems. I love the idea of this iCloud business, I know it replaces my MobileMe account and I currently have my contacts, calendar and bookmarks available. But damnit if I don’t know how to get my books, podcasts and music up there too. I just want to share between devices. So far this is not working out and it’s seriously pissing me off – I’m on a mission to figure out how to get all of my (paid-for) content available via the cloud.

Unfortunately, our old desktop – which housed the bulk of our music collection – sh!t the bed back in the Fall, well before the iCloud was even available. So, who knows how I’m ever going to retrieve all of that… I guess I can use Senuti again, like the last time our hard drive died, but to be honest I’m totally dreading that entire process. Honestly, iCloud in general is a bit irritating – I miss my iDisk.

How to use Senuti:

Connect your iDevice and open Senuti.

When you first launch Senuti you’ll be asked a variety of setup questions before you can get started. Don’t breeze through this process because you’ll be asked to set where your music will be copied and whether or not it’ll automatically be added to iTunes. You want to know where your music is going to end up when you’ve finished copying it so don’t click through and ignore these options.

Once you’re done you’ll see the main Senuti window. It’ll look like a simplified version of iTunes, with all your playlists on the left and your music/media on the right. Just search for the songs that you want to transfer, or select them from your library, and click the Transfer button in the upper lefthand corner of Senuti’s window.

Wait while Senuti transfers your music to the location you chose during the setup process and adds it to iTunes automatically (if you decided you wanted it to do this, also during the setup process).

Now I have iTunes Match working – and I’ll need to activate that on all of our devices for it to be worth a damn, and I just need to retrieve my “lost” music from the old, dead desktop. Progress report to come.

Some helpful links:

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