Friday Bites – (#6) the family purpose statement, (#13) weekly family meetings

I’m combining a couple of items from “52 Bites” today, since they’re related. This weekend, we’re all about family. Going on a hike together, trekking down to SA to see the in-laws, just hanging out, enjoying each other and trying to shake off the stresses of the week…. That’s the goal, anyway. I’m sure reality will creep in there somewhere.


I’ve seen the concept of the Family Purpose Statement before – like a corporate mission statement for the home, a declaration that will clarify your choices and actions. I’ve been doing some thinking about Familia Lopez and though I have to consult with the Mister, I think our family purpose would look something like this:

Our family is a safe sanctuary from everyday stresses and judgments, where we learn and create together, are generous with our time and assistance, and support each other as we make our ways in the world.

Maybe it’s too big of a slogan to put on a commemorative plate, but it’s a good place to start.

One of the things we recently instituted in Casa Lopez is the Sunday family meeting. Although truthfully the only attendees are F and I at this point unless O is joining us to finger paint or make his collages.

On the agenda:

  • the budget
  • weekly menu planning
  • the calendar: appointments or engagements coming up that week
  • dropping off/picking up duties
  • keep on kicking ass and being awesome

I highly recommend the weekly family meeting – particularly the budget agenda item – just so everyone is on the same page as you go through your week.

One thought on “Friday Bites – (#6) the family purpose statement, (#13) weekly family meetings

  1. kala1300 says:

    Traffic meetings in the home – I like it. Might have to get into this myself.

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