OCD Book Review – Frugillionaire by Francine Jay

I’m no Ms. Moneybags…or Mitt Romney type, and between moving to a place where my pay rate is greatly reduced from NYC levels, paying for our own health insurance, and having a new mouth to feed, dinero is pretty tight around Casa Lopez. Not to mention, we’re notorious spenders – it’s sad. We get a peso and it’s gone in an instant.


So, I spent about 45 minutes (really, that’s all it took, one bus ride…) and read another fluffy book – easily digestible in a one suggestion per page format.

99% of these ideas seem totally obvious to me – throw a dinner party instead of going out to eat, stop subscribing to newspapers and magazines, take the bus, blah blah.

My problem is, we spend a fortune on every dinner party we have. It’s crazy. Hundreds of dollars gone – because we like to drink great booze and cook amazing food. It’s really more like a supper club, the way we do it. Haven’t thrown a great dinner party since the holidays, sadly. I miss it. Sigh.

But really, suggestions such as: “stargazing” as an acceptable substitute for bar hopping? Sorry, but I just can’t adjust my attitude that much. I guess what I was looking for was concrete suggestions and hacks on how to cut our insane water bill or save at the store.

And, really, “don’t buy what you can’t afford?” Come on already, duh.

On the other hand, I do like the “keep a money diary” thought because I have no idea where our money goes – I just know it’s gone. Other suggestions are right out of the Suze Ormond playbook: pay yourself first, invest in a Roth IRA, automate your investments, evaluate your tax withholding, etc. This week’s to do list includes looking into credit unions and opening a Roth IRA, but that’s more thanks to reading the Suze book, so I guess have that going for me…just need to take action.

Overall – I guess I pretty much know this Frugillionaire stuff already – what I really need is someone to put a boot to my throat and literally force me to be disciplined and far-sighted in my spending habits. Boo.

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