I Love My: Greeting Card Organizer

Like you suckers, I am mind-melded to my iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air and all the other electronic tethers that keep me in touch with the universe. However, not to get all depression-era schoolmarm on you, there’s nothing that replaces the awesomeness of receiving a thoughtful card in the old timey mailbox on your special day. The problem is, in our electronic bubble, it’s sometimes hard to remember these occasions (seriously there should be no excuse for this with the eleventy billion calendar and occasion apps that are available) and be to prepared with the perfect greeting card.

Here is a $10 investment that is totally worth it!


My heavy-duty plastic card organizer purchased from Amazon.com came with 6 removable dividers (now carefully labeled -with the exception of “birthd&y..” with my Brother labeler) and a hinged snap lid. It’s acid-free so it won’t f*ck up any handmade or specialty ($$$) cards and is sturdy enough to survive any closet avalanches. I’m sure there’s something sexier or more Etsy-crafty available if you aren’t interested in a huge hunk of plastic, but since mine lives in a storage closet, aesthetics were not a major concern.

Together with my perpetual Google occasion calendar – the one that texts me one week before birthdays and anniversaries pop up – I am prepared to remember everyone’s special day by sending a kickass card in a timely fashion.

Now I just need to get my butt down to the local Hallmark, because I’m running low on humorous birthday greetings to file in my awesome card organizer.

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