OCD Book Review: Everygirl’s Guide to Life by Maria Menounos

OK, I was skeptical at first…What could an impossibly hot, wealthy, celeb reporter conceivably have to put forth in the way of productivity advice? But, I have to admit, Maria Menounos is an OC-Delight. She’s unexpectedly marvelously anal retentive and her book had a few great take-aways that even a chubby, old mom like myself can put into play. Admittedly, the book reads like it is primarily aimed at young women just starting out on their own, heavy on very basic (and obvious to us elderly chicks) career advice, fashion do’s and don’ts and makeup tips. At my advanced age (did I mention I’m old?), I’m pretty well-versed on these subjects as well as keeping a home and “dating.” I guess I must have done something right – since I have a couple of husbands under my belt 😉

At any rate, the first couple chapters on organization and productivity are a fun read and offer a couple of good nuggets. Pics of her immaculately OCD-organized closet alone are drool-worthy. I immediately wanted to march my paycheck over to Container Store and go on a spree. However, since I can’t afford to install a spa or a screening room in our little casa, several of her suggestions in this realm were ridiculous.

Useful advice:

Create your own “Little Black Book” for reference – meant to house your most important information, so someone could theoretically “operate as you” if you were trapped under a bus.

This is a three-ring binder stocked with plastic sleeves and divided up into several categories:

• emergency contact information : names and numbers of most important friends and family members

• medical information: numbers for allllll of your doctors, dentists, Rx numbers and information, insurance card copies and information, allergies + conditions

• account information: photocopies of bills w/ account numbers and login/passwords, insurance, etc (should also have a digital version of this)

• important numbers: fire, police, attorneys, vet, business managers, landscapers, maintenance, basically all of your services

• insurance + warranty company info – home, life, auto, etc

• information and contact/account numbers for utilities – water, cable, power

• copies of SS cards, birth certificates, drivers licenses, plates

• travel information: accounts, frequent flyer numbers, car service, hotels

• birthdays + anniversaries perpetual calendar, along with address list for card mailing

Travel checklist – put a basic travel checklist in your iPhone notes and go through it/ print out + use every time you go on a trip (I do this now – but for specific trips, so I put a basic list in the phone to copy and paste…)

Grocery list + food diary templates. I use better templates than hers, but I embrace the concept anyway.

Bottom line: mostly frivolous and frothy (at least for anyone over 30) with a few good pieces of advice… Read the above points and save yourself $15.


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