Get it Together, Girl! Week 1: Kitchen Aid

Also on my organizational reading list, we have the plan from Karyn L. Beach’s “Get it Together Girl: A 28-Day Guide to Practical – NOT Perfect – Home Organization.” I mean, our place is fairly well-organized, but it could always stand improvement. If you’re keeping count, that’s three expert plans we’ve implemented in the L home… Suck it, “Happiness Project!”

“Get it Together Girl” allots a week per room/major living area in your house, breaking it down into individual tasks to be performed on each day that week. Week one – this week – is dedicated to the kitchen. Prescribed daily action items are as follows:

1. Purge, clean + organize fridge

2. Purge, clean + organize cabinets, countertop, drawers, pantry

3. Create + customize grocery list spreadsheet and post to fridge

4. Purge, clean + organize under sink, junk drawer, bar

5. Sort, toss and straighten out tupperware nightmare

6-7. Weekend: clean floors, stove + oven, surfaces

Beach also implores readers to “clean as you cook,” which I already do because I can’t relax and enjoy my meal if I know the kitchen looks like the damn Delta house.


Ground Zero

I have to admit, I mixed things up a bit – because that’s how I roll…unpredictable – and I switched days 1 and 2. I had to hit the pantry first. The fact that we even have a pantry after a decade of NYC apartment dwelling, is an amazing thing…and it quickly turned to a chaos of chip bags, fruit pouches and cases of diet soda. I straightened it out – but we’ll see how long it lasts….

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