Obsessed: my Nespresso

Prior to receiving the Nespresso as a gift a couple of Christmases ago (thanks, Ron!!!), F and I busted two traditional espresso makers. In fact I think we broke the second one within two weeks – a record! Clearly we are not destined to be baristas…

The problem? How could we reconcile our utter lack of mechanical skills with our abject love of lattes? The solution? The amazing Nespresso machine!

Not only does it have a streamlined, compact design, but it is a total timesaver in so many ways. The espresso pods are pre measured and packaged, and are dropped right into the hatch. All you have to do is fill the water well, flip a switch and press a button. Most importantly, the coffee in the pods actually tastes great, unlike those ubiquitous k-cups which – and this is a fact – taste like boiled ass. Plus, if you hate shopping in actual stores as I do, you can reorder pods with the click of a button through the handy Nespresso iPhone app on your morning commute. Seriously kick ass.

Not to mention, we’ve been using our Nespresso for over a year and have yet to break it. Amazing.


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2 thoughts on “Obsessed: my Nespresso

  1. kala1300 says:

    A hotel I stayed at in Munich had one of these in the room and I’ve been wanting one ever since. So delicious! I think you just convinced me to take the plunge.

  2. Jamie says:

    I’ve been contemplating getting one of these myself. I bit the bullet yesterday and purchased one off Amazon. Can’t wait for it to arrive! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute little colorful ones, but settled for black since it was about $100 cheaper. Hopefully, this will be a bit cheaper than the lattes we’ve gotten in the habit of purchasing.

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